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Worried about getting married on a Friday?

Most couples would like to have their wedding on a Saturday. Their main reason might be that their guests will not be able to take time off work. Another reason might be that guests will not want to party on a Friday.

We must categorically state that both these fears are unfounded. The guests that you invite to your wedding are normally friends and family which are a close part of your life. They will be there for YOU on YOUR special day matter which day you choose. It might even be a well-deserved break for those work-a-holic family and friends to relax and take in the fresh farm air. 

Secondly we find that guests stay at weddings longer on a Friday. This might be due to the fact that they have more time to recover over the following two days. All we know is our guests seem to enjoy a Friday wedding more than any other day of the week. 

Please have a look at our Friday specials. This is unbeatable value that you will not find anywhere else. We invite you to come out for a visit and experience what Waenhuiskraal is all about.